the main question

i've been asking myself this question a lot lately.  why? i've been reading that the root of success in anything at all is knowing why you started.  knowing why you are still doing it.  i'll be honest, after doing the same thing for 6+ years, it can be easy to forget why i started.  but lately i have really wanted to remember.  

reason number 1.  i'm an entrepreneur.  i just am.  ever since i was a child i was figuring out how to turn something random into a profit for myself.  

reason number 2. someone told me i could.  there is so much power in words.  in your inner circle breathing life into your dreams.  my mom told me - you can do this. i know you can.  so we did.  

reason number 3.  i want to live creatively.  i want my kids to live creatively.  i want to create something out of little.  either in business, in our home, in a recipe.  i can't help it.   necessity really is the mother of invention. 

reason number 4.  this business has allowed me to be a small part of the community we live in, and the community we have found online.  i neeeeed community, and i need to feel like i'm contributing.  i like to have skin in the game.  this reason has fueled the passion behind our brick and mortar and this blog.  we are passionate about creating meaningful experiences in our own lives, and hope that passion carries itself out in Wild Juniper.