is a third life crisis a thing?

i think maybe i'm having a third life crisis... is that a thing?  you know how sometimes, when you've been go-go-go, and then you slow down and go on vacation or something, you get sick? it's like, our body is in survival mode and when we give it time to rest, the stuff we haven't dealt with comes up and rears its ugly head.  i think that is happening emotionally and spiritually for me right now.  i'm wondering if maybe i thrive on change.  we haven't had any big changes in the last year, and i'm slowing down enough to wonder.   relationships, work, family.  what's my why in each of those things? 

that question has led me to think about my vision for those things.  what i am wanting out of my relationships, what i want my job to look like, and my vision for our family.  one of the greatest pieces of advice from my mom is "comparison is the thief of joy".  i think about that a lot, and it is coming in handy for me especially now.  

i don't really have any huge revelations yet.  i'm just processing and wondering.  so for now, i'm going to put my phone down more, do more things that make me feel like me,  and act on the small ideas of kindness that get planted on my heart. 

i don't want to look back and realize i spent all my days running around doing everything but nothing that mattered.  

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