Picking the Wildflowers

When we moved into our house we had these cute little raised beds in the backyard. Oh, the plans I had for them. I’m learning big, super ambitious goals (like someone with a black thumb planting a vegetable garden in her backyard) rarely turn out like you planned.  So, early this spring I got rid of all the weeds, and the kids and I threw a pack of seeds in each raised bed.  We picked wildflowers that we could cut and bring inside.  We threw the seeds in there and stomped on 'em a little bit. Then waited for some sun, some water, and held out hope.  Sometime in May, we started getting some blooms.  And now, probably every other week, a couple different types of wildflowers pop up.  Nora and I have had so much fun cutting the different flowers and decorating the house with them.  It is so fun to have fresh flowers around the house when we have people over, or just for us!  

These little headband sets make the perfect gifts.  They are inspired by a combination of flowers you might find in the garden and a touch of simple and classic with the felt bows.  We tried to include the perfect blend of fun colors and neutral colors to please both the mom and the little girl!