Be Lazy, It's Summer, Wear Gold

If you're like me, you dread the long days of summer coming to a close.  I'm are over here milking it for all it's worth.  Book reading, pool swimming, late bedtimes, and the conveniently ignoring of the things that need doing (you should see my laundry piles & bare fridge, yikes!) But, I think I was made for the "slow" life.  Just saying.  

My outfits are no different.  I throw on a tee & shorts most days and try to avoid the fuss that outfit choosing tends to demand on me.  

My current go to accessory, therefore, fits this easy & effortless mode.  I am in LOVE with the 14 karat gold necklace line.  With all of the variety we have in store, I can switch it up everyday (which is more to say than my tee's.) Check out a few of my favorites of these delicate and dainty necklaces: 

This is our gold feather charm necklace (worn at the 18" length) and our simple delicate gold chain (worn at the 16" length.)

Layered in 3's here, we have our beaded gold choker, the wire wrapped pearl (worn at 16") and (worn at 18".)

Finally, our 14k gold choker (personal favorite) & our pink quartz stone (worn at 18").

Summer on ladies!