Styling a Turban Headband

we realize this accessory can be intimidating at first.  but once you master how you wear it, we know it will be a go-to piece.  i mean, you could possible add an extra day of not washing your hair. because you're busy.

i have two go to looks for the twist turban.  my first look is with my hair down, and the turban sort of half under, half over my hair.  i start by putting the turban on, with the back of it under my hair completely.  then i style it by pulling it some pieces in the back and in the front, to give it that "thrown on look" the whole process takes less than two minutes.

my second look is with my hair up. i have shorter hair, so i just do a messy ponytail.  i put the turban on after doing the ponytail, then i pull out some hair here and there to finish it off.  

summer is here, and i think these turbans give me the fun, boho look i want without much effort at all in these warmer, busier months.