Gold Hoops Style

Statement earrings are back, and BIG!  I mean gold hoops have always had a special place on my favorites list, but right now the style seems to be the bigger the better!

Being a "jewelry artisan" I love being able to take a style or certain fashion trend (ie: chokers) and making it work to how a person like myself would wear it.   Let's be honest, I am a suburban mom, with kids to chase and errands to do (and little grabby hands) so I wanted something that would somewhat fit my busy lifestyle, while still participating in the make-a-statement look.

Here is what we came up with.  These are light weight hoops.  Not so big they are touching my shoulders (which I need to save for diaper bag placement, and not so small that they don'e say something.  They have the perfect amount of "diva" to them.  These hoops are gold plated, so nice and shiny and for a little extra touch, they have slight horizontal etched pattern all around the outside.  

I've officially been wearing the for about a week straight and I LOVE them.  They are t-shirt worthy, work-ready or even cute with a bathing suit & turban.  They are my new everyday favorite grab.  Easy style upgrade and perfect for this mama.