Summer Style with a 14 Karat Gold Jade Stone Necklace

Summer comes with a variety of styles.  Somedays it's shorts and a t-shirt as you race off to dentist appointments or checking off the to-do's.  Somedays it's a little nicer as you head to the office or business lunch.  Somedays it's a trip to somewhere new.  Somedays a dressy date night.  Whatever your summer brings, we are sure that the new summer line of 14 karat gold necklaces  has something to fit your style.  This jade drop pendant is a classic example of a versatile piece that will wear well with all of the you's.  

It has a gorgeous deep green faceted quartz stone in a 14 karat gold plated pendant.  Our favorite feature on this necklace might be its extension ring.  It can be worn at 16" or 18", fitting the right neckline of the top you're wearing.  The bright color adds an eye catching quality!  We really love it paired with the simple minimalist 14 karat chain (shown above at 16".) .  

Snag your favorite hat, sunnies and jade stone necklace and get your summer on!