Mom Style Basics

To us "Mom Style," doesn't always have to mean yoga pants and a hoodie (although nothing's wrong with that) We like to put on clothes that make us feel super comfortable but also make us feel good.  

Our friend Calin loves to cook.  She says it's "it's all about whats in your pantry."  Just like a good recipe, its important to have a few basics.  For instance, a well fitting white tee and a pair of jeans will go a long way.  We love this simple look.  

Sometimes adding one trendy piece can really elevate your look.  We love this blush pink bomber jacket from Forever 21.  We used to love a good heel but now we are all about flats., especially being a mom on the go.  A cute nude pointed toe adds so much style to these distressed jeans.  We got these scores at Kohl's.  

And of course the accessories style up and finish off a look.  This lavender gray adds a subtle contrasting color to the jacket and a touch of that boho vibe.  Grab a tote and you're all set!